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Library Corner
by Duncan R. McCoy, Director
Boulder City Library

BC Library District Boundaries
The original boundaries of Boulder City Library District (BCLD) were established in 1943 when the BCLD was created by the County Commissioners. The boundaries were set, at that time, as contiguous with those of Boulder City School District #1. Basically, if you stand at the west end of the new airport runway and shoot a line due north to Lake Mead and due east to the Colorado River, everything northeast of you is within the boundaries of BCLD.

Since 1943, the City of Boulder City has expanded, but the boundaries of the BCLD have not. The upshot is that large areas now part of Boulder City have been assigned to the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (LVCCLD) and the Henderson District Public Libraries (HDPL).
The Board of Trustees of BCLD and the Boards of the LVCCLD and the HDPL have recently completed a series of agreements and resolutions that will change the BCLD boundaries. As of July 1, 2006, the official boundaries of BCLD will be the same as those of the City of Boulder City. Future annexations by the City of Boulder City will result in equivalent changes in BCLD boundaries.

This boundary change should be easier for everyone to understand in the future. Should there ever be any development in Eldorado Valley, the BCLD would address the library needs of that development. Also, in the future nobody will need to scratch their heads and wonder why the BCLD’s boundaries are not the same as Boulder City’s.

Will there be any tax consequences to this boundary change? Yes, a little. The BCLD budget will be enhanced by about $16,000 next year because of the boundary change and future new development in Eldorado Valley (if there ever is any) would happen within BCLD and enhance its tax base.

BCLD will acquire Taxing District 055 (Dutchman’s Pass area) from the HDPL and Taxing District 056 and 057 (Eldorado Valley) from LVCCLD. Because of a mistake made years ago at the Assessor’s Office, Taxing District 052 (Buchanan and Georgia area) should have been assigned to LVCCLD and will now go to BCLD.

By gaining the Eldorado Valley portion of Boulder City, BCLD will lose the Park Service area, including the Hacienda Hotel, Lakeshore Trailer Village and Lake Mead Marina from its tax base. The Taxing Districts 060 and 061 will transfer to LVCCLD, and taxpayers in that area will pay the LVCCLD operating levy, which is a little lower that BCLD’s.

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