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The Arts
by Shirley Winslow
Boulder City Art Guild

Boulder City Artist Profile
I am a Las Vegas artist who has been a member of the Boulder City Art Guild for the last year. I work primarily in watercolor and pastel. My work can also be seen at the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, I showed an interest in art at an early age and began attending classes for young people at the Rhode Island School of Design. Though accepted as a matriculating student in their college program, my focus changed to social service and I received a B.A. in sociology and worked for Child Welfare Services. My work with children and young adults provoked an interest in portraiture. I was a finalist in Artist’s Magazine 1991 Art Competition in the portrait category, with a watercolor figure study. In May of 2002 I left my home in New England and moved to Las Vegas. I am a signature member of the Nevada Watercolor Society.

I paint because I must. I have done other things, I always come back to painting. How I look at things, and how I interpret what I see, are affected by some element in my very being that causes me to want to document visually what I have seen. It exhilarates me to be able to give it life on paper in either watercolor or pastel.

I love watercolor. I love what paint does when it interacts with wet paper, dry paper, other paint… I love the way colors blend, or don’t blend – the way they ‘settle out’. I love the little trails wet color leaves as it moves across the painted surface; sometimes under my control and sometimes serving only its own inner master. Hard edges – soft edges – drips and dribbles…

I love pastel. I love the velvety texture, the painterly look it has. It gives me the opportunity to draw again – but now there is color at the ends of my fingers! It is a wonderful medium for portraits.

I love contrast, sunlight and shadows. Sometimes the subject matters less than the interplay of these elements. Of all the subjects I paint, I probably love people best. I love their shapes, their movement, their moods, their aliveness. I am a people watcher and I want to share what I feel when I watch someone. I want to portray with sensitivity that which is, for me, the ultimate beauty.

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