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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

Breathing/Awareness Meditation

I’d like to share a meditation technique with you that can help reduce stress, calm the mind and bring us more fully into the present moment.

Please read the entire description before trying the practice. There are four very distinct parts to this meditation. 1) Inhale. 2) Inhale more fully. 3) Gently hold the breath. 4) Exhale. With the inhalation, welcome the breath in with great joy and gratitude. Recognize that you are welcoming your very life force with the in breath. Then softly breathe in a little more (please don’t strain) and as you do, imagine that you are breathing in positive qualities such as love and compassion (especially positive qualities that you are feeling a little short of). The third part is a gentle hold. Relax as you contain the breath. Have the awareness that these positive qualities are activating within you. Imagine positive energy moving into every cell in your body. Then, breathe out with the intention that you are releasing negativity (anger, jealousy, anxiety and any stress that you have been experiencing).

It is very important that there is no feeling of straining or forcing at any point in this meditation. Think about your chest, shoulders, neck, and jaw staying totally relaxed. If you notice any feeling of clenching, allow that area to soften. Let your breath stay relaxed, soft, and easy. Do not hold the breath so long that you are gasping for breath. Only hold as long as is comfortable for you. There is no point in trying too hard here with the breath; the point is to sharpen your awareness like a laser beam so that you have a very clear intention with each part of the breath.

Sit with a straight spine, chest open, shoulders relaxed, and chin level. Take a moment to align and relax your body. Relax your breathing. And then begin: 1) Inhale (welcome the breath). 2) Inhale more fully (breathe in positive qualities). 3) Softly hold (positive qualities activating). 4) Exhale (release negativity).

This can be a wonderful practice to incorporate into a hectic day. Try it so that you may directly experience the positive results.

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