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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Summer Thoughts
Yes! I am so happy! 9 more days of school left before I’m out for 3 months! Normally I go to South Dakota and go to work. It’s my summer job, and I work in a little shop called Lake Port Emporium and Tuxedo. It is a very nice little shop and it is in a mall. I got the job because my Grandma and Grandpa work there so I “know people.”

One day my Grandma and I had to fold socks for another part of the store, the tux area. The socks were all new, so I was safe. That’s not the only thing I do in South Dakota. I have a cousin named Sammy and I usually hang out with her. But when I went to South Dakota last year her cousin Shasta was there, and we all had a whole lot of fun!

That means I have two summer jobs! I write my “Kid’s View” article in the Boulder City Magazine, and I work in a mall! How fun! But you can’t have fun all the time; you have to remember about the working part. It is kind of like school but you don’t have any homework. Not usually anyway!

While I am still here in Nevada this summer, I plan to hang about with my friends a lot. That means sleepovers, pool parties, or just plain parties! Me and my two best friends, Nikki and Tabby, all hang out together so it will be extra fun this summer! My best friend in the whole wide world, Anise, doesn’t live here anymore. But I have known her since I was 2. She moved when I was 9 but we still keep in touch sometimes, and it would be so awesome if she could come over this summer! We would have so much fun!

Actually, when I was getting on the plane to South Dakota last summer, I saw Anise’s dad; he is an airline pilot for Southwest Airlines. Anise’s Mom is a house mom. She is very nice. I like stay home moms - they have nothing on their minds but you and the family and the chores.

That’s what I plan to do on my summer vacation! What do you do? Tell me at info@bouldercity

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