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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Portable Media Storage

With bigger digital cameras we now need bigger memory chips and media storage. I have been backing up my photos onto DVDs directly from my full memory chips.

Recently, instead of buying more memory chips for my camera, I bought a Wolverine 80GB MVP Multi Media Portable Storage/Player. The Wolverine is small in size, only 5" tall by 3" wide by 1" thick, and weighs 10 oz. It comes with all the required cables, a power adapter, one pair of ear phones, a carrying case and an LI battery.

I bought the Wolverine because it's a media storage device that can store LOTS of pictures directly from my memory chips without a computer. So when I'm on a photo shoot and fill over 6GBs of chips, I can copy my full memory chips into the Wolverine and back them up on the go.
The Wolverine has a 7-in-one card reader built in, and will take the following memory chips: Compact Flash Type I/II (CF), Smart Media, Memory Stick, MS Pro, Secure Digital Card (SD)/MMC, MicroDrive and XD chips.

My Wolverine has a 2.5" high resolution TFT LCD color display to view the pictures stored on it. I can also view a RAW picture file on it. This is a file format used to save pictures taken with a camera without any adjustments. Although most digital cameras use jpg files. The color display is handy for show and tell and to delete unwanted pictures. The Wolverine has an easy control panel I can use to zoom in and rotate the pictures.

My camera shoots each jpg photo at 4MBs, so I can store 20,000 pictures of that size on my Wolverine. Or I can store 8,888 RAW photos at 9MB each. The equivalent of 17 DVDs or 119 CDs!

But wait! There’s more! You can use the Wolverine as an external hard drive for your computer and listen to music and audio books, or view movies. I like to listen to audio books when I drive, so I download audio books from the internet and play them back on the Wolverine in my car.

For more information and current pricing go to My model cost $299 at

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