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Spotlight on Business
by Jane Peterson

Jane's Pet Grooming Salon
I moved to Boulder City in the early 1980s from Indiana with my 4 children and our dog. Although I worked in the casino industry, I had always enjoyed animals and had wanted to own my own business, namely, a dog grooming salon. I wanted to call it a “salon” because I have always loved to pamper my pets.

So after several years of saving my money as I could and getting the kids through school and married, I had saved enough money to start a grooming salon, My Dream. Then I decided to go to a grooming school to make sure I was doing things correctly and to pick up some tips to help me be a better pet groomer. I found a school sponsored by UNLV, attended the program and finally graduated. That being accomplished, a few months later I located and rented a place that I could afford and started Jane’s Pet Grooming Salon.

Thank you Boulder City! This year has been a wonderful, fulfilling, fun time in my life because of my customers and I want to thank you. I am bringing my son, Justin, in to help with the larger dog grooming and I am training him to become a part of my business. I am also thinking about a larger salon.

I totally believe in quality, kindness, love and affection for all pets. I don’t believe in caging a pet unless it’s absolutely necessary. So I schedule unruly pets accordingly. I have no objection to pet owners staying and watching while I groom their pets. In fact, I kind of like the attention they give their pet as I groom it.

I believe bathing and grooming are essential to a healthy pet. Jane's Pet Grooming Salon offers state-of-the-art dog grooming facilities with professional grooming stylists. From shampoos, hair cuts and flea treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great!

Again, thank you my wonderful customers, you make my day every day! Call (702) 293-0077 for an appointment or visit us at 724 Canyon Road in Boulder City.

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