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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

CES 2012

In the world of electronics, things are getting bigger and smaller at the same time based on what I saw at CES this year. The TVs are going large in viewing size but from the side they are getting super thin.

The TVs are getting smarter also, now with voice activation, face recognition and motion tracking.  It won’t be long before the gaming machines will be a thing of the past with cloud gaming directly on your TV. Cloud gaming lets you play games anywhere without disks or high end hardware. There will be no big downloads, so you can play instantly on your PC, MAC or TV, and many types of tablets.

There was a major drop in 3D TVs this year, but some brands are still trying, with 3D TV without glasses. By the looks of it, I think 3D will fade out again. Here is the new TV for you! The LG or Samsung 55-inch OLED TVs retail for at least $7,999! For that price, they do have extremely bright and clear screens.

Skype tablets are in the near future but they will have to be cheap because you can Skype now from most tablets and iPads. I use Skype to make all of my long distance calls for just under $3 per month. I can call anyone in the US, including cell phones.

Ultrabooks had quite the showing and were attracting lots of admirers at CES, but most buyers seem to be waiting to buy these thin new laptops until prices drop and Windows 8 is released later this year.

Target stores will be opening 25 mini Apple stores. I guess it will work better when you have people lined up for days to get the new iPhones. Now they can get some food and other necessities while they wait.

If you like Angry Birds you might want to check out Cut the Rope. In this hot new internet game, it’s your job to cut the rope that is holding the candy and feed On Nom. You can play for free at, or you can buy the app for .99 cents. Remember, this is how Angry Birds started!

It’s a new year, so take a little time and back up your files on DVD or CD. If nothing else, get a 16 GB thumb (USB) drive and save the most important stuff there.

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