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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

The Hoover Power Allocation Act

About 50 percent of the City’s electric supply is derived from Hoover Dam. This is very important in that this hydropower is considerably less expensive than market-purchased power. Because lake levels were high

in the 1980’s, more power was generated at Hoover Dam than today. About 90 percent of the City’s power came from Hoover Dam during the 1980’s. Today, lake levels have risen from the all-time low in November 2010 of 1082 feet to 1,116 feet in October 2011. Although this is a promising sign, Lake Mead’s levels are nowhere near the all-time high of 1,226 feet in July 1983. Maintaining the water level in Lake Mead is important both for our City’s water supply and for power generation.

Boulder City’s right to receive power is defined by the federal government through a formal contract that was set to expire in 2017. Last month, H.R. 470 was signed into law. This act is very important to the residents of Boulder City in that it governs the allocation of power from Hoover Dam after the current contract expires. From all of our prior discussions with current Hoover contractors, the City was aware that it was likely that the allocation would be reduced slightly so some other entities would become eligible to receive a portion of the allocation. The act has passed is as the City had anticipated, and it maintains the City’s allotment for power from Hoover Dam for years to come.

The Hoover Power Allocation Act will reduce the allocation of current Hoover contractors (including Boulder City’s) by 5 percent effective Oct. 1, 2017. WAPA will allocate two thirds of the 5 percent allocation which was given up. The remaining one third of the 5 percent allocation will be split between Nevada, California, and Arizona. Nevada’s share (11.1 percent of the 5 percent given up) will be allocated by the Colorado River Commission. Which entities will be eligible to receive some of the allocation hasn’t been fully determined. However, it is possible that the Silver State Energy Association (of which the City is a member) may be eligible, so this may become an indirect benefit to Boulder City.

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