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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Hoover Dam: A Symbol Of Boulder City’s Past and Nevada’s Future

When I joined President Obama in the Oval Office to witness the signing of The Hoover Power Allocation Act into law last month, he ensured that clean electricity from Hoover Dam will continue to power Nevada for the

next 50 years. The bill’s signing reminded me of Hoover Dam’s legacy, and the innovative role that Boulder City and the federal government played in constructing Nevada’s first clean energy project.

In 1928, Congress passed The Boulder Canyon Project Act to generate power and provide water for millions throughout the West. The dam’s construction plans represented a vision so immense that methods to construct a dam of its stature did not exist. Boulder City’s founders helped accomplish one of our nation’s greatest engineering feats, and today Hoover Dam is still vital to securing Nevada’s energy future.

In 2009, I led Nevada’s Congressional delegation in introducing The Hoover Power Allocation Act so that Nevada can benefit from 50 more years of renewable energy. Hoover Dam, often referred to as Boulder Dam, provided Nevadans with a sense of possibility and engineers and tourists continue to view the dam with wonderment. Many ask the same question: What’s next for Nevada?

Hoover Dam signifies that hard work and creativity can achieve dreams which pay dividends. Nevada continues its legacy of innovation, and Nevada’s entrepreneurs synthesize amazing clean energy technologies from dynamic ideas.

The federal government still helps to drive innovation. Congress recently reauthorized the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. Nevada’s small businesses have long benefited from these programs and they will put Nevadans at the forefront of developing significant innovations.

The Hoover Power Allocation Act reminds us of Boulder City’s vibrant history and signifies an exciting future for Nevada. Hoover Dam taught America that no idea could be too bold and I will continue to work to see that Nevada is a leader in innovation and technology development.

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