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The Arts
by Judy Barton
Boulder C
ity Art Guild

Local Artist, Bertrams, Publishes

Rainer Bertrams, well-known local woodcut artist, has published a book, “Nova Lumine” featuring his art. It is filled with his strong graphic images embellished with poetry and prose. His unique representation of ideas has its roots in the German Expressionism movement.

Born in Germany, trained as a structural engineer, RB has brought the angles, jagged edges and immediacy of a solidly built three dimensional subject into a two dimensional format. For his book he has chosen to portray the artwork in strong black and white images adding to the power of the presentations. The prose and poetry throughout the book are pure RB. His wry sense of humor and unique view of the world comes through in the artwork as well as his writings.

RB exclaims the work of a woodcut artist is “a dangerous, nasty work suited for Huns and Barbarians” and appeals to his Teutonic heritage. “It involves knives, hammers, chisels and gouges, very basic mean tools,” states Betrams.

This book is self-published through the online publisher, Blurbs. Rainer is very enthused about this company and says the web site is easy to maneuver through and extremely fast with its production turn-around. His idea to publish a book of his works was initially for a marketing tool, but grew to be an exciting adventure. If the book does well, he has plans to proceed with a larger full color edition. So far the book seems to be doing quite well. It is being sold through the Boulder City Art Gallery, the Corner Gallery and can be seen on-line through the Boulder City Gallery web site and

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