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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Fourth Senate Jobs Bill

Over the past few months, Southern Nevada’s economy has slowly begun to recover. The unemployment rate has begun to decrease from a year ago; gaming revenues and hotel room rates have increased; and McCarran Airport continues to see more passengers travel through their gates to open their wallets.

However, with too many families in Boulder City still struggling, there is much more work to be done. We cannot afford to take our eye off the ball or miss a single opportunity to put Nevadans back to work.

That’s why our top priorities in the United States Senate are reducing wasteful spending to get our deficit under control and creating jobs. In fact, last month, the Senate began debate on its fourth jobs bill of the year: reauthorization of the Economic Development Administration (EDA), an important program that has created, and will continue to create, hundreds of thousands of jobs in communities across the country.

This is critically important to hard-hit areas like Boulder City. The EDA creates jobs from the bottom up by working with local businesses, universities and leaders. With each dollar of federal investment from this initiative spurring nearly seven dollars of private investment, it’s no wonder that projects backed by EDA since 2005 are expected to create more than 314,000 jobs. That’s a good deal all around, not only for small businesses struggling to keep their doors open but for American manufacturers trying to compete in the global marketplace.

Prior to working on the EDA, the Senate has taken up three additional jobs bills: the Aviation Jobs Bill to create or save 280,000 jobs; Patent Reform to create up to 300,000 jobs by boosting small businesses; and a new Small Business Jobs Bill.

However, we need both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate to work together to pass these job-creating measures so that out-of-work Boulder City residents can find jobs. A good first step is passing the reauthorization of the Economic Development Administration -- our fourth jobs bill of the year.

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