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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Planting the Future

As we go through life, teachers continue to surround us. From the time we start kindergarten, there is that one adult who runs a class, teaching us many different things. But some teachers teach us more than what is set out in the curriculum. They leave a mark on us that will last the rest of our lives, often more important than understanding Quantum entanglement. And they are often part of the “silent heroes” of our society.

I believe teachers are generally undervalued in our society. Their jobs are getting cut by the dozens in our state, and more of the same around the country. I have several friends whose families are from India, and some who were actually partially raised there. In India, the teachers are considered part of the Brahman class, the highest social class of the country! They are greatly respected and truly valued; I honestly think it’s sad that we don’t do more for our teachers. Just think about this - why is it that people on reality television are making millions of dollars, yet we give our teachers not even a mere fraction of this? It’s pure nonsense.

I just finished my 8th grade year at Hyde Park, and am ready to begin high school at the Las Vegas Academy. Reflecting back at my two years at this school, I have been thoroughly blessed with wonderful and inspiring teachers. I just wanted to take some time to thank some amazing teachers.

To my English teacher of 7th grade, Mrs. M.E. Taylor, thank you for challenging me to become a stronger and more thoughtful writer. To my History and Comparative Government/Economic Systems teachers, Mrs. Manning and Ms. Weinstein, I appreciate how you made me view the world and the importance of our interactions with it and its peoples. Mr. Jeremy Woolstenhulme, I am much obliged for allowing me to be part of the great orchestra that you led, and the opportunities you presented for me to teach and conduct.  And I very much appreciate Mr. Chris Rinaldi, for teaching me to challenge and question society, to really examine things. It’s you people who have inspired me to continue to grow and learn.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” ~Henry B. Adams

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