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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Don't Worry. Be Happy
“What is true happiness,” was my thought. I’m recalling, in this issue, my past conversations between me and my father, as well as my Aunt Patti Kearns. We discussed perception. One of the most common sayings uses perception. Can you think of it? “You can either look at the glass half empty, or half full.”

I can be upset because I have a computer without internet, and my family and I have to battle for the use of our other computer with internet. OR, I can say I have been blessed to even have a functional computer. Which seems more appealing?

If you think being upset is more appealing, you may be depressed, or choosing to be upset. I was watching an episode of “Larry King Live” and it was discussing something I thought was quite profound.

Did you know you can actually be addicted to your emotions? You can choose to always be whiny and grumpy. You then proceed with that emotion practically everyday. It is extremely hard to be around someone who’s constantly angry. But, the really good news is, it can always be changed.

When you come to the realization that you are a person always in a down mood, you can begin your “healing process” as I call it. You can become spontaneous with your feelings. You will begin to feel better not only mentally, but spiritually. You will become more religious.

It has also been proven that being joyous can significantly benefit your health. When everyone is expecting you to be down in the dumps, you will be cheery and giddy, and kind. This will bring an uprising in the atmosphere.

Positive charges released bring back positive. Negative attracts negative. So when you’re happy and someone is upset, you can cheer them up. This also works with your actions. It is known as Karma.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you today to go out and do something good. Just do a kind act, even like washing a neighbor’s car or even giving them a compliment, and it will come back to you. Whether or not you believe in Karma or perception, as the song goes, “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

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