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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Stopping Yucca Mountain
As your senior senator, few issues get higher priority from me than stopping the reckless and dangerous plan to dump the nation’s nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain.  I have successfully blocked this flawed project for more than 20 years, and I am committed to ensuring that Yucca Mountain never becomes a reality.

Along with the other members of our state’s congressional delegation, I quickly responded to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) filing of a license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  The DOE’s incomplete and flawed proposal ignores major scientific concerns about placing nuclear waste atop an area with active earthquake fault lines and a major supply of southern Nevada groundwater.

Yucca Mountain sits just 90 miles from Las Vegas, and the highly toxic waste to be stored there would have to be transported along our rails and interstates and right next to our neighborhoods, becoming an attractive terrorist target. The DOE has not even designed the storage containers in which it plans to ship and store nuclear waste and still lacks a public safety plan in the event of an emergency.
Yucca Mountain loses support in Congress every single day and I am confident that next year we will have a president who will work with me to kill this project once and for all.  

Last year, I leveraged my position as Majority Leader to cut more than $100 million from Yucca’s budget, and I plan to slash the budget again this year.  

Please lend us your voice against this bad idea by signing the petition on my Web site at It tells the NRC that you and I stand firmly together in opposition to Yucca Mountain.

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