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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Deputy Chief
Boulder City Police Department

Back To School
The time has come once again for the children of our fair city to go back to school, officially starting on August 25. I wanted to take a moment to emphasize the importance of being ever vigilant in your travels near the schools.

Children, as you well know, are often excited about school – quite likely more excited to see their friends than the vehicles that may be traveling on our roadways. Be cautious to ensure you are prepared for that un-expecting soul that may be cutting in front of you. While we ask you to be careful we will also, in conjunction with the school, provide the same reminders to the children.

Another change that you will see is a few extra crossing guards – these folks, often referred to as the angels in our community, ensure the kids get across the roads safely. This year we also added three additional crossing guard positions. Based upon many requests and concerns brought to our attention by parents, we have added two positions at Avenue G and Adams Boulevard, and we added one additional position on Nevada Way at 5th Street. We are hopeful that with these added crossing guards, coupled with a heightened level of vigilance on the traveling public, we will have a safe school year.

On a side note, I wanted to remind everyone of the opportunity to speak with Chief Finn or I each third Wednesday of the month. We have confirmed the location as Starbucks for the remainder of the year. We are nearing our 1-year mark with this program and have heard concerns from dozens of residents. Some thoughts and concerns expressed have been implemented and allowed us to be more effective with the delivery of police services. Both Chief Finn and I look forward to hearing from our community as we strive to make Boulder City a safer place to live, work and visit. Stop by if you have the opportunity.

Until next month, stay safe.

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