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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Artist Profile -
Al Matwiejow

How’s that for a name? You can try to pronounce it in almost any language and still not come up with “Matthew,” but that is it. We can call him “Al Who” and he will answer to it a lot faster than Mat-wee-jow. I don’t think you can see his signature on the illustration here, but it is signed “Al Who!”

I’m happy to announce that he is not as difficult as his name. In fact he has a bright and happy personality that makes him a really likeable guy. One seldom finds him without a smile on his face. He also readily volunteers whenever there is a job to do... another reason we like him so much at the Gallery!

Al was born and raised in New York State. He majored in design and representation in high school, reflecting his artistic talent. After serving in the Navy, he entered the construction industry and that took him to Texas and on to California. There he paused long enough to take some painting lessons from noted seascape artist Arden VonDewitz and Walt Disney artist Stod Herbert.

Construction jobs took him to Las Vegas in 1969 and painting had to take second fiddle until he retired. He found he needed something to do besides play golf so he went back to painting. He has studied with Colin Pringle and Loretta DeGrandis. Photography of the great outdoors, birds and animals is also one of his favorite things to do.

He has been a member of the Boulder City Art Guild for several years and his work may be enjoyed in the Gallery at the Boulder Dam Hotel. He says he is “still learning and looking for that famous niche in the field of art!”

His art is also shown at the City Lights Art Gallery and Co-op in Henderson (Number 3 Army Street) where he serves as assistant Gallery Director, a volunteer position... of course.

Be sure to drop by to see his work in cubicle one in the Gallery, Suite 104, at the Boulder Dam Hotel.

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