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Money Matters
by Wendell Whitman
Edward Jones

Concerned About Market Volatility?
If you’re an investor, stock market declines can be upsetting. But you can put them in perspective by taking a quick look at the past. To begin with, market declines have been a normal part of the investment process. And these declines usually offer an opportunity to buy quality investments at a lower price.
Here’s another “history lesson” to consider: The U.S. economy has proved amazingly resilient. Since the end of World War II, each recession has averaged 10 months - and each economic expansion has averaged almost five years.

Recessions often begin and end without warning, so it pays to be fully invested in preparation for the next market rally. 

Stock market slumps aren’t pleasant. But if history is any guide, you can give yourself a better chance to survive a market decline by owning quality investments and holding them for the long term. Ultimately, your patience may give you an opportunity to be rewarded.   

Should Rising Oil Prices Affect Your Investment Strategies?

Oil prices have hit record highs in recent months. Should this run-up affect the way you invest?
Not if you already own an array of investments that are suitable for your individual needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. However, you need to be aware of what rising oil prices may be doing to some of your stocks.

For example, if you own some energy stocks whose price has risen significantly, the value of these stocks may now be taking up a larger percentage of your portfolio than you had intended. Consequently, you may need to consider some type of “rebalancing.”

Also, because rising oil prices may help kick up inflation, you may want to look for quality investments that can provide you with the potential for rising income.

By making these moves, you can continue to work toward your financial goals - oil shocks or not.

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