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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Peril In The Polls

Here's a hot topic: the 2008 presidential election. First, I would like to let you know I'm an extremist Liberal democrat. I have been a democrat since September of last year. My reason for being a democrat is simple: democracy.

I love everything to be fair, balanced, and equal. I'm an older sibling, so 7 out of 10 times, my younger sister gets her way or is given less work and so on. In fact, democracy was my fifth grade presidential platform, and I was elected class president in fifth grade. But, here's a twist on my opinion: I don't want Barack Obama to win the election.

Since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy, I have supported her. She is experienced, and would have been right for the oval office. But, her race to the white house ended on June 3 when Barack Obama unofficially beat her in the delegate count. So my question is now, “Is my party's candidate ready to be president?"

Senator John McCain is in favor of the war continuing until victory. That is costing us $2,000,000 dollars a WEEK. That is WAY too much to be used on something not needing to be continued. The Iraq government, the American people, and even the Bush Administration think we need to begin creating a timetable for leaving Iraq. But nothing seems to be changing John McCain's mind. I'm NOT favorable of his energy plans, obviously if you know my environmentalist background. Drilling for oil may give America oil for 20 years, but what about after that? We NEED renewable resources!

Barack Obama has only been in the senate for four years. He is very inexperienced at the federal level. He has had many people supporting him, though. I think he is sweet talking his way into the white house, just like many other politicians. I do not think Obama or McCain are fit to be "Commander-In-Chief." So who is?

I don't think any nominee is. I agree with many people I know: we don't have very good presidential choices this election. It makes you want to go for Bob Barr (Libertarian), Chuck Baldwin (constitution party) or Cynthia McKinney (green party). What is your opinion on the presidential nominees?

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