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Short Stories

Costa Rica
by DeAnne Trompeter Appleby

Costa Rica is a tropical country located in Central America, very close to the equator, encompassing about 20,000 square miles. It is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. It has a total population of about 4,000,000 people who are predominantly Catholic and Spanish speaking.

After a 1948 civil war, the regular army was abolished and a civil guard appointed to maintain law and order. A new constitution was written, creating a democratic government. Since that time, Costa Rica has experienced several decades of steady growth and prosperity. In the last decade alone, many North American and European citizens have relocated permanently to this beautiful and inviting haven.

The capital city of Costa Rica is San Jose, with a population of about 300,000. Many of the businesses in the capital city employ locals in the textile, electronic component and medical equipment industries. In the countryside, many of the local people still work in the coffee, banana, sugarcane and pineapple fields. The newest industry, and one of those responsible for a good portion of the recent growth and prosperity, is the eco-tourism industry.

This industry supports a wide variety of Eco-Adventures. One is the jungle canopy zip line tour. The tour begins high in the jungle canopy on wooden platforms built right into the trees. Each platform is connected by a series of cables, enabling visitors to glide along the cables from platform to platform. The ride is smooth and the vistas at the top of the canopy are breathtaking.

Another available Eco-Adventure is white water rafting. There are many rivers in Costa Rica, each offering different levels of calm and white water. It's fun to enjoy exciting rapids or a serene floating journey. Experienced, local guides help to create an exciting and unforgettable adventure along picturesque riverbanks filled with wildlife.

The wildlife in Costa Rica is a centerpiece for Eco-Adventures. Wild crocodiles, monkeys and a variety of birds and reptiles offer some endless possibilities for fun and excitement. Feeding tours allow visitors to see first-hand and up close these amazing animals in action. The tours are also educational and the experienced tour guides offer lots of helpful information. The beautiful beaches, incredible national parks, rainforests, jungle canopy vistas, hiking trails and clear rivers add to the memorable experience of Costa Rica.

Los Suenos Resort and Marina on the Pacific coast is a wonderful place to spend time. It is centrally located among many of the major local Eco-Adventure companies. It offers condominiums, a beautiful Marriott Hotel, restaurants, shops, a marina, a travel agent, and beautiful beaches. The on-site travel agent easily arranges all types of Eco-Adventures, including great sport fishing. Visit the Los Suenos Resort web site at to find out more about this beautiful place.

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