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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Well school has been over for quite a while now, since May 24, but the day I got out was the carnival! Of course I went! I went with almost all of my new friends. Most of them I met there. My mom let me go alone with just my friends so she wasn’t there! I went on almost all the rides there, not just the baby ones! My favorites were the Skymaster and the Zipper! But that’s not all I did.

My mom is starting a shop with wedding dresses and prom dresses and I am so exited because I get to model! If she makes a commercial I get to be in it also! My mom gets her wedding dresses from people that are closing their wedding stores. She has some very pretty dresses, almost all sizes too.

My mom isn’t the only one who is opening a new shop. My cousin Sadie is too. Usually when she is over at her shop, I help her paint furniture. Sadie is very artistic, and she has made some beautiful things. Almost everything in her shop is something she made or something she fixed up. Her shop is a little furniture and antique store, and its nice.

The only thing I don’t like about summer here in South Dakota is that everything blooms! That’s when my allergies start acting up, and I mean really bad. I had to get prescription allergy pills they were so bad. Nothing worked! But because I have these pills, I'm doing all right.

I am starting to get really exited because one of these days my uncle and my cousin, Sadie are going to take me out water skiing. A couple of summers ago I came to South Dakota and that was the last time I went boating with my family. We all went water skiing, but for some reason I couldn’t stay up! It was starting to get dark outside so we had to go home, so now I am exited to try again!

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