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Library Corner
by Duncan R. McCoy, Director
Boulder City Library

Information On The Internet
This month I’m going to talk about a very basic and useful approach to finding information on the internet. If you are researching a topic for school, to plan a vacation, to learn about a medical condition or for whatever reason, you can do it the hard way or you can do it the easy way. The web sites I mention below can be accessed from your home computer, or from the computers at school or at the Library.

Boulder City Library has its own website. Go to the address bar at the top of your web browser and type in and you’ll find the Library’s web site. On the Library web site you’ll find links in blue for library rules and policies, agendas and minutes of Library Board meetings, informational links for homework and for adult information searches, and a link to the Library’s online catalog. The link to children’s programs will take you to a page about the Children’s Summer Reading Program and, at the bottom, another link to “Miss B’s Blog.” Our Children’s Librarian Miss Becky has created a fabulous and fun new blog (web+log = blog) with fun stuff for kids to explore, database access for more homework help, games and other entertaining things to do!

Most of us use Yahoo and Google for informational searches and often, the result of a search is thousands of links for us to pick through and evaluate for value and authenticity. The sheer quantity of results can be quite a headache. If you want to get a feel for what I’m talking about, try a search for “California Vacation” at Yahoo or Google. If you’d rather not deal with the thousands of junk “hits” from a Google search, you might try a “pathfinder” web site. Pathfinders provide a structure for your search, helping you narrow down your search and yielding results that tend to be more genuine than junk.

The first pathfinder web site I suggest you try is called the “Internet Public Library,” and can be found at Internet Public Library is organized like a simple topical index which will guide you to good, authoritative web sites on which you can locate good, accurate, up-to-date information. Its very easy to use!

Another pathfinder and also one that is very easy to use is the “Librarians’ Internet Index,” Like the IPL, LII is a structured topical index.

Finally is a web site called “Refdesk,”, which is a web site full of daily and current factual information.

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