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Porter Update
by Jon C. Porter, Third District Congressman

Funding For Local Water Infrastructure Projects

Funds have been awarded for innovative upgrades of water facilities in Southern Nevada.

Jon Porter recently announced that he has secured funding for two separate water infrastructure projects for both the City of Henderson and the Clean Water Coalition.

Both municipal entities are involved in a much-needed wastewater systems upgrade. The funds were requested by the Clean Water Coalition and the City of Henderson and were included in sections 118 and 119 of H.R. 1495, the Water Resource Development Act of 2007 (WRDA).
“The ability of Southern Nevada to sustain our growth is partially dependent on our ability to deliver clean water in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner,” Porter said. “The approval of these funds is an important first step to move these projects forward.”

The City of Henderson is the recipient of $5,000,000 for the upgrade of the Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant to use innovative membrane technology for wastewater treatment. Henderson is a national leader in water conservation in the use, and reuse, of treated water. Completion of this project will result in increased conservation and decreased outflows into the ecologically sensitive Las Vegas Wash.

In addition, $30,000,000 was authorized in WRDA.

The Clean Water Coalition, a joint powers authority between the City of Las Vegas, the City of Henderson and the Clark County Reclamation District, will plan, design, construct, and operate a regional system for the conveyance of wastewater effluent from the three treatment facilities within the Las Vegas Valley. The demand for a new system is driven by the need for restoration of the Las Vegas Wash, increasingly stringent water regulations, increasing effluent flows, protection of drinking water source and the protection of Lake Mead. The overall cost of the systems conveyance project is estimated at $700 million and will take 10 years to complete.

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