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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Artist Profile - Therese Rohrbacher

Therese stands out as one of the best portrait artists in Boulder City and I think I know the reason. Her early years in life taught her more about people than most of us have ever thought about.

She was born into a German-speaking family with six older siblings, and immigrant parents. Her father is from White Church, Germany and her mother is from Dante, Hungary. Therese learned English from her father while he was going to night school and her sisters who brought it home from school. By the time she was in school she could speak English well.

In high school Therese began drawing people and that beginning stayed with her and is her main interest and focus today. She designed the cover of the school’s year book in her junior and senior years.

When Therese married George and started a family of five children, she “put her art work on hold,” she says. To supplement the family income, Therese went to work part-time at an amusement park called Santa’s Village. She did their advertising posters for various shops there. A full time job as a cashier at a grocery store found her drawing cartoons for their weekly sales paper. Then she got a job at a mental health center in the activity department and worked in the art and music studio. This “work” doesn’t sound like she put any artwork “on hold,” and working with people was a study for future art projects.

After Therese and George moved to Nevada, she enrolled in an art class and that class participated in the Boulder City Fine Arts Festival in 1990, 1991 and 1992. She hasn’t missed an Art Festival since. She joined the Boulder City Art Guild in 1995 and their Gallery in 1999.
Her work may be enjoyed by a visit to the Art Gallery in the Boulder Dam Hotel any day of the week. You can meet “Terry” on the first Friday of each month when she “does her time” working in the Gallery from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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