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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Police Auxiliary Officers - an Opportunity to Serve

Several years ago, under the command of Chief William Turk, Sergeant Galen Terry created the Boulder City Police Auxiliary Section. Throughout the last decade, dozens of Auxiliary members have donated thousands of hours to our community fulfilling a variety of different functions. The participants in this program have a proven track-record of giving back, which was further demonstrated by their national recognition through the Volunteers in Policing Program.

The Auxiliary Section currently has twelve officers that perform an assortment of tasks ranging from vacant home checks, traffic control at special events, traffic control at major accidents, assisting with processing and maintaining crime scenes, rolling applicant fingerprints, and street light checks just to name a few. Many of these tasks would have to be completed by police officers, if it wasn’t for our Auxiliary Officers. This cadre of volunteers is managed by one of their own members with oversight provided by Traffic Officer Paul Daly.

Our Auxiliary staff represents many different facets of our community. Some are younger officers seeking to obtain additional information about the police profession – perhaps wanting to be a full-time officer in the future. Others are retired members of our community looking for an opportunity to serve others and have found the police department to be an appropriate vehicle for that service. Lastly, we have officers that simply find law enforcement interesting and enjoy lending a helping hand to the community – and police staff. Whatever the reason, they provide a valuable service and are a vital part of our community policing team.

If you are interested in being a part of our Auxiliary team, complete the application, which can be obtained from the City of Boulder City Personnel Department or online at under “employment opportunities,” successfully pass an interview, and pass a comprehensive background investigation. To learn more about the Auxiliary Program please email Traffic Officer Daly at

Until next month, stay safe!

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