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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Economic Growth

The new year has brought with it a chance to tackle the challenges that our nation continues to face—including closing the income gap, reducing unemployment, increasing the minimum wage, and reforming our immigration system. It’s no secret that lately, our government has experienced gridlock and continuous bickering amongst those elected to lead.

The American people want results; they want us to do the job they sent us to Washington to do—seek solutions for everyday problems. Over a million Americans and 18,000 Nevadans have seen their unemployment benefits halted. I am working with Nevada Senator Dean Heller on a solution to extend these important benefits to those out of work through no fault of their own. Raising the minimum wage so a mother or father working two jobs can afford the rent and the electric bill in the same month is a solution. Investing in job creation and education, so today’s workers can compete for tomorrow’s jobs, is a solution. Ensuring that all Americans have access to our world class healthcare system, is a solution.

Middle-class Nevadans in Boulder City and around the state are hurting. Many have lost their jobs or have seen their hours at work reduced significantly. Many more have taken part time work or a second job just to get by. And the rest have watched their wages shrink at the same time the richest few have tripled their income. Meanwhile, wages for middle-class families have remained stagnant, while the cost of housing, food and gas has gone up. What beleaguered Americans need is to be able to pay their bills, and live with dignity.

With just a little cooperation, we can work to continue down the road of economic recovery, and work to create jobs for every Nevadan.

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