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The Arts
by Judy Barton
Boulder City Art Guild

Artist/Judge - Gregg Carnes

In April the annual BC Art Guild spring Fine Arts Festival was termed a huge success.  Part of this was due to the efforts of four talented individuals who judged the work presented by the many participating artists.

Gregg Carnes, a talented artist himself, was one of those judges. With an impressive resume, he is the owner of a brand development/creative services company called Truh’st.  Prior to starting his own company, Gregg was a creative director for an in-house design company where he developed custom sales presentations, designed brand-name exhibits and convention space for the U.S. hospitality market.  Presently he is designer for and on the steering committee of the Las Vegas Arts District.

Carnes is a Boulder City High School and UNLV graduate.  He has served on both the Fine Arts advisory boards for Las Vegas Art Institute and University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

His excellent graphic illustration work shown here is just one example of what he produces daily as a working graphic artist. 

There are many other artisans who have gone on from our educational system to become the photographers, architects, commercial artists, performing artists and musicians in our community.

 Gregg is a great example of what “the Arts” in our educational system are producing.  They are young people giving back to the community.  They are creating exciting environments and enhancing our valley. 

With so much pressure on our schools, elementary through college, to dissolve the arts programs, one would have to wonder if perhaps the cut-backs are counter-productive to our way of life.

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