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Keystone Enterprises: From Masonry to Moving or

Keystone Enterprises found a way to weather the current storm of recession, high unemployment and the slow recovering economy. The company diversified. Established in 2001 by Boulder City resident Cindy Mead and business partner Thor Stewart, the full service masonry subcontracting business was launched to take advantage of the masonry needs of Las Vegas’ burgeoning metro economy.

At the height of the boom, Keystone employed over 55 employees. Then the economy crashed in 2009 and most of their employees were let go. To stay in business, the company maintained and operated a small custom division. “We needed to keep our masonry subcontracting business going, despite the economy,” stated Mead. “We love the construction industry, and felt if we could hold on long enough, that the local economy would eventually turn around and we could get back in the game. However, to do so, we needed to generate cash flow so we decided to diversify so we could stay afloat.” Mead continued.

So Keystone launched a new moving company call Moving By Keystone Enterprises. Mead’s partner, Thor Stewart, had worked during his younger days for Mayflower Moving in California, providing the partners with the confidence needed to create a new moving company. His prior experience and the need for diversification made it the right decision. “Because the Nevada Department of Transportation guide lines are so strict for establishing a new household moving company, we felt there was a niche we could fill,” stated Mead. “People need help in moving all the time, so demand was always there and we wanted to take advantage of it.”

Keystone’s first moving job occurred on Mother’s Day and interestingly enough, Keystone’s masonry business is now starting to grow once again this year as many competitors dropped out of the market due to the poor economy. It apparently pays to remain patient, resilient and flexible with an eye on future opportunities.

Cindy Mead lives with her husband in Boulder City and has one daughter attending college. Thor Stewart is married and has two small children.

For more information on Keystone Enterprises or Moving by Keystone Enterprises, please contact Cindy Mead, 4348 East Alexander Road, Las Vegas, NV 89115, Telephone: 702-657-0742; Fax: 702-263-3585.

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