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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia


Oftentimes in the commotion of each day, we forget to acknowledge those who make the greatest impact on those days. Perhaps this is because we take them for granted. Or we forget to realize all that they do. In this case, I want to take this month’s column to acknowledge my father, for all he is and all that he does.

One thing that I find so incredible in my father’s way of living is the pride and integrity he takes in raising my sister and me. He continually remains involved significantly in our lives. Any of my concerts, rehearsals, business gatherings (or sports practices when I was younger) are things he almost always attends. Most of the parents of my fellows could seem to care less, even complaining about what their child does. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with us, even if it is as simple as inviting us along with him to run an errand. This time is quite valuable.

I also greatly respect the integrity and grand view my father takes on his job of raising us as his children. As I get older, I learn more and more about his perspectives and values. I am lucky and privileged to say I am growing into a man by these same things. Not everyone is so blessed.

My Papa sets clear examples for his children to follow. First thing that I believe sets my father apart is his enthusiasm. He has a general fervor for life, wanting more, achieving more, and not accepting mediocrity. Next is his sense of creativity. Whether he is in the kitchen or drawing out plans for business, he is a man that creates new things to add to this world. But perhaps the greatest of these is his sense of courage. When something is strong enough, and means enough, he stands up and takes care of what needs to be done.

Of course my father isn’t perfect. He is learning and growing every day; and teaching those around him to do the same. I always enjoy spending time with him, listening to him, and learning from him. The path that my father paints for the future only can grow brighter with his brilliance, and I am so thankful for all his love.

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