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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

The Art of Performing

Have you ever lifted your arms and taken flight? Now, of course we are physically not capable of this. What about an experience that gave you the energy and emotion to feel as if you were soaring through the skies?

That is the art of performing to me. It is like taking my instrument and singing to the entire world what I have to say.  Now the entire day in itself leads to the experience.

The earlier portion of the day is very calm. I begin with exercising to start my day. Next a nice breakfast always energizes me. Strong efforts are made to “get in the mood” with music, focused thoughts, and mental preparation for the performance or audition. Not to mention I also do simple warm-ups to get my hands ready.

I am finally there. It is time for me to execute my work, after hundreds of hours of practice. The piano starts up, and I begin working into my instrument. Thoughts course through my head, the energy of the music pulsating through me. It is a magical experience, grander than anything else I can imagine. For once, I feel free, able to LIVE through the voice that is my instrument.

After the performance is quite an interesting time. It’s almost as if I come back to my physical being. It sounds very odd, I know; but that to me is the magic of performance. Of course, you critique yourself, wishing to do “this” or “that” differently. Yet, overall joy fills throughout you, feeling a sense of accomplishment. I had communicated with the audience through music, reaching my goal.

I believe this applies to more than just music. What experiences can you give the same description to? Maybe it’s the feeling after remodeling your home, or fixing up the car. It could even be that feeling after scoring well on a high stakes test. That is “performance” and I absolutely love it.

“Performance is your reality. Forget everything else.” -Harold S. Greenen

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