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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

The New Year

The New Year ushered in a new Congress and a renewed opportunity to build on our efforts to put Nevadans back to work by creating good paying jobs, strengthening our economy and providing small businesses with the tools to begin hiring again in Boulder City and across the state. 

Following the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, we have taken a number of important steps over the last two years to lay the groundwork for this in Nevada. More work must be done.

Boulder City residents understand more than most how clean energy investments benefit a city, from hydroelectricity to solar power.  We must continue fighting to ensure Nevada leads the nation in clean energy, which is the key to diversifying our economy and creating good-paying jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.  Already, we have made important progress as renewable energy companies like Amonix and A-Power are beginning new ventures to put Nevadans back to work. 

Thanks to the funding I secured in the Recovery Act, this is just the beginning.  The Recovery Act’s loan guarantee program is expected to help finance a new clean energy transmission line stretching between White Pine and Clark counties that will create thousands of jobs and entice the renewable energy industry to take root and expand in Nevada. 

These critical investments in clean energy jobs are building upon our efforts to bolster Nevada’s small business community and provide them the tools to begin putting Nevadans back to work again.  Last year, I was proud to lead passage of the HIRE Act in the Senate, which offered tax cuts and credits to incentivize hiring—the positive effects of which are becoming clear.  Among the companies that took advantage of this measure is the world’s largest online travel company, Expedia, which announced that it would hire 130 Nevadans to work in its Nevada office. 

Finally, let me make clear my top priority for the residents of Boulder City—building the Boulder City bypass to keep the city’s streets clear of congestion from trucks passing through.   The project will not only put Nevadans back to work but keep Boulder City from becoming a permanent traffic jam.

Without a doubt, the 112th Congress will be a busy one, and our focus will continue to be creating good paying jobs and building a stronger economy for Boulder City and all of Nevada.

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