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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Book Sale
The Rotary Club of Boulder City recently hosted a Book Sale at the Boulder City Library. The community generously donated just over $1,800.00 for items found at the Book Sale. Those funds will be used to support our Summer Reading Program and purchase new materials for our Audio Books on CD collection.

Many people asked me two questions about the sale, and I would like to take this opportunity to answer those questions.

1. Where do the books come from? The materials that we sell at the book sale come from two sources. The first place we get materials for the sale is from our own book shelves. When books have not been checked-out for quite a while, they are considered dead-space, so we withdraw those books to make space for new books. Those withdrawn books are saved for the book sale.

The rest of the materials in the book sale come from donations from the public. When someone donates books to the Library, we go through those donations and decide which items we will add to the collection. The materials we do not add to the circulating collection are saved for the book sale.

2. What do you do with books you don’t sell? This year the videocassettes that were not sold were donated to the Senior Center. For the books that didn’t sell, we work with a company which sells used books. Better World Books pays for us to ship the books to them, and then BWB resells them. In turn, Better World Books gives us 15% of what they sell those books for. They also donate another 5% to The National Center For Family Literacy (

For more information about Better World Books, or to search their used books for sale, please visit The funds we receive from BWB will be used to develop our collections.

I would like to offer a big Thank-you to the volunteers from The Rotary Club of Boulder City and our patrons who gave up their personal time to set up, supervise and clean-up during this project. We couldn’t do it without you.

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