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Book Watch
by Fran Haraway

Maggody Series
by Joan Hess
Sometimes, if you head for the big city to follow your dreams, you just can’t catch them. Sometimes your soul mate turns out to be someone else’s soul mate at the same time. Sometimes, both those situations happen at once, and the only thing to do is go back home.

If you’re Ariel aka Arly Hanks, home is in Stump County, Arkansas, specifically in the town of Maggody, population 755. Arly returns as the crime-fighting chief of police, although, “Not much has happened since Hiram Buchanon’s barn burned . . .”.

Buchanon. Now there’s a name that means trouble. Jim Bob Buchanon is the town’s mayor and its chief businessman - owner of Jim Bob’s Supersaver Buy for Less. The town’s most infamous citizen is Raz Buchanon, the moonshine king of Stump County. The closest thing Raz has to a significant other is his pedigreed sow, Marjorie, who always rides in the cab of Raz’s pickup truck.

There are several other Buchanons who get in Arly’s way, especially when she must solve a new mystery - a situation which happens in each book of Joan Hess’s Maggody series.

Arly’s work is often hampered by her mother, Rubella Belinda aka Ruby Bee Hanks and Ruby Bee’s best friend, Estelle Oppers, owner of Estelle’s Hair Fantasies. Ruby Bee and Estelle mean well, but often they give Arly the shiverin’ fits.

Joan Hess, who knows her pop culture, has written about Arly in Mystery Loves Maggody, an account of Ruby Bee’s and Estelle’s visit to Graceland and the body they discover, The Maggody Militia, which involves a super patriot militia playing war games on the site of Raz Buchanon’s moonshine still, and Murder@Maggody.Com, which details what happens when the town gets a computer lab and information about leading citizens becomes available to everyone.

Just out is The Merry Wives of Maggody, which describes a golf tournament held to raise money for golf widows - a group that the women of Maggody believe is in need of financial aid! Thanks to Joan Hess, what happens in Maggody, doesn’t stay there!

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