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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Patriotism is an amazing part of the American tradition. It unites Americans all over the country, and leads brave people to do things like defend this great nation. I find it so amazing the ability to love for or devote to one’s country can be such a root of passion. Patriotism is the foundation of our country, all starting back in the revolutionary war. Although, patriotism is still very significant in our culture today.

In today’s society, we are very focused on political bias, separating most Americans by their political beliefs and parties. I believe patriotism is a sort of “Center Point”, common ground. It is a consensus between Americans, allowing us to set aside the everyday politics and come from the heart. This is a tool used by our founding fathers, uniting colonists to rebel against the advantaged Great Britain. But, it really came back into play when nationalism grew more popular around World War II.

The first thing that pops into my mind when I hear about patriotism is America after Pearl Harbor. What an impressionistic experience, to hear things such as FDR’s Pearl Harbor Speech. I cannot imagine the sense of anger and confusion, but the country was united after an emergency like that. More recently, 9/11 also brings emotions of agreement and patriotism to our country. No matter what your opinion on politics at the time, Americans were patriotic, and infuriated with such an evil act.

But, there are also positive times we are patriotic. Think of the Olympics. Americans celebrate, joining together to cheer on the US in sport. Also, we gather together to celebrate holidays, like Independence Day.

Patriotism unites Americans, as a common ground. It has been important throughout history, and has united us in times of both emergency and rejoicing. From a kid’s view, it is something we are raised with as a core value. As a young child, I have found excitement in devotion of this country, seeing it as something heroic and remarkable. Just think; this belief has played an important role in our history for over 200 years, and is still very strong today. Remember why our nation is still held together this 4th of July holiday, celebrating freedom and pure greatness.

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