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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

A Proud Moment
At one point in my career with the Recreation Department, I was the coordinator for the Youth Center. That first year, we had a group of good, but extremely rowdy boys, who came on a regular basis. Although this group was quite rough on the staff, we felt that every minute they were with us, they weren’t on the streets getting into trouble. Now these kids are in their mid twenties, productive people in society and some are even parents.

At the June 12th Free Fishing Event, I met one of them. Even though I had not seen him in years, I had called him at work earlier in the week to recruit some help with marking the streets for the Damboree Parade. Truthfully, with his sunglasses on, I hardly recognized him. Up came the sunglasses and there he was. I could see it in his eyes. Nick Ariotti was with his three beautiful children and having a great time fishing. I mentioned the message and told him what I needed. He was happy to help.

In that same group was Nate Berkheimer. Nate was a BMX fanatic. If you asked him what he wanted to do for a living as an adult, he would confidently say he wanted to be a BMX rider. At that time, I did not take this statement to heart. I thought it was a kid’s wishful thinking. Wouldn’t we all like to make a living at our favorite playful activity? Well, guess what Nate does for a living today? That’s right, he is a professional BMX rider and travels all over the world competing. Not only that, his father Robby is one of our 31’ers volunteers who lends his talent as a professional prop designer. And Nate volunteers too, when his schedule allows.

What we invest in our youth will come back to us in ways we can not foresee. However, when we do see it, what a beautiful sight and what a proud moment. It truly warms my heart as several of these young adults have taken the time to thank me for “putting up” with them during those youthful, rowdy years. Let me tell you, it was well worth the payoff.

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