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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Goings-On At The Library
I was a Theatre major in college. However, when choosing careers, I opted for something more financially responsible. Upon finishing my BA, I went to Library School. With the exception of Community Theatre, my life as an actress had come to an end. Or so I thought.

This spring, the Library Board was approached by a local independent film maker to use the library as a location for an episode of “Nathan Grant: Ghost Detective.”

The Nathan Grant series is the product of Philip Faiss, who plays the title character. The series is a parody of “Ghost Hunters” and other supernatural reality shows. In each episode, Nathan and his associate, Cappy, played by Eddie Deirmenjian, are asked to solve hauntings.

The plot of this episode had the Librarian of the Boulder City Library calling on Nathan and Cappy for help with strange goings-on at the Library. Phil needed a location to shoot the film and someone to play the Librarian as well. I quickly volunteered. The Library Board granted permission for the film shoot.

The production team spent several weekends shooting in the Library after-hours. We shot without a script, so all dialogue was improvised after a brief discussion of how a scene was to impact the plot. And a star is born! Just kidding. I’m not giving up my day job to pursue an acting career, but I had a lot of fun filming and helping behind the scenes.

The Library will hold a free screening of “Nathan Grant: Ghost Detective-Episode 7” on Monday, August 2, at 7 p.m. in the Community Room. Phil, Eddie, members of the production crew, and I will be available to answer your questions about the process of making “Nathan Grant”.

The film is unofficially rated MP-13 for “Beeped Language”. To see other episodes of the series, visit

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