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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Helping Nevadans
Every day I go to work thinking about what I can do to help put Nevadans back to work, help them keep their homes and get the state’s economy back on track. I know that Nevadans are struggling and that some residents of Boulder City have been looking for work for months.

I want to assure them that while there’s been a fight to extend the unemployment insurance benefits they need to just get by, I’ve got a lot of fight in me and we’re going to get this done.

In addition to costing Nevadans their jobs, this recession has cost people their homes and their life savings. In order to jumpstart the economy of Boulder City - a clean energy city from it’s very beginning - we’re creating thousands of jobs through the stimulus, more clean-energy projects, and tax cuts for small businesses. We are working to make it easier for small businesses to hire more workers by creating tax breaks and other opportunities. And as those jobs begin to come on line, so will the economic benefit of unemployment insurance, which is the quickest way to get cash into the economy.

I am committed to Nevada’s recovery no matter how hard and long the fight. I’m fighting until every Nevadan who wants to work can find a job. I’m fighting to kill Yucca Mountain, once and for all. If we’ve learned nothing else from the tragedy in the Gulf, it is that disasters happen. I’m not going to risk our future by letting anyone transport the most dangerous substance known to man past schools, parks and businesses to be dumped in our backyard.

We’re going to make Nevada the world’s leader in generating the renewable energy that will power our lives and our economy. We’re installing solar panels in the desert right here in Boulder City. We’re bringing clean energy from the rural parts of our state to cities like Las Vegas and Reno. We’re making our homes, offices and cars more energy efficient. All of these projects create jobs in Nevada that can never be outsourced or shipped overseas.

None of this has been easy, and it won’t get any easier. The people of Boulder City know what we’re up against. But like it says on our flag, Nevada was battle born – and Nevadans don’t back down from a fight. By working together we can overcome this challenge and put Nevada back on the path to prosperity.

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