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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

A Great Influence
In late June, I was sadly informed that one of my most influential teachers had fallen ill to cancer. Just a few weeks later, I had found out my former G. A. T. E. (Gifted and Talented Education) teacher, Mrs. Lena Cook, had passed away. So, I wanted to dedicate this article to her, and her influence on those she loved.

Mrs. Cook was a very kind, imaginative, and giving person. Most of all, as a teacher, she was very influential to her students. I remember at the memorial, some of her current students had written letters. Everyone remembered how much she loved us, as she did, to think “outside the box”. Often, in our little spare time, we would play critical thinking games. I remember she would almost always win, but kept encouraging us.

The memories are just wonderful. My friends and I would look forward to those two days every week where it was the 12 of us and Mrs. Cook in GATE class. We learned about several things, from new technology to groundwater. But, our biggest project was the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project.

Our projects ranged from things such as recycling awareness assemblies to a “trash fashion show” at the Galleria Mall. Her classes had won for the State of Nevada the last 6 years, and gone to nationals in Washington D. C. One year I went, and absolutely loved it. Finally, this year, although she was too sick to attend, her classes finally won the national competition.

The most memorable thing to me about Mrs. Cook was how much she pushed us. More importantly, she pushed us to take risks. I remember my fourth grade year, she informed us of a speech competition. I was very nervous to try, but she pushed me to take that risk. I ended up getting third place, but wouldn’t have without “taking a risk”.

What Mrs. Cook has taught me is to be a go-getter. She has trained me to think creatively, take risks, work hard and detailed, and to take advantage of opportunities.

Her legacy has had great effect on many from her family, to her students and her colleagues, and will always be remembered. Thank you for all that you have done, Mrs. Cook.

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