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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Animal Control

This month, based upon a reader’s request, I have included City of Boulder City Code, 7-3-3 F. Animals Running At Large for your information. Failure to comply with this Code is a misdemeanor crime.

1. Animals Running At Large: It is unlawful for any person having charge, custody or control of any “animal”, as previously defined in Section 7-3-2 of this Chapter, to actively encourage or willfully permit or negligently allow any such animal to run at large or trespass on any private premises of another, or to be on any public highway, street, sidewalk, alley, court, public ground or unfenced or otherwise unenclosed lot, or not within a sufficient, confined enclosure within the City limits; provided, however, that all equine animals are harnessed or saddled and bridled, or haltered, or dogs, cats or miniature pot belly pigs are led by an adequate and sufficient leash, lead, rope or chain and wearing rabies and animal licenses issued by the License Officer in conformity with the provisions of this Chapter and in the actual custody and control of a person capable of adequately restraining such animal, are excepted from the operation of this Section.

2. Animals: No animal shall be permitted upon the public streets or public property or off the premises of the owner unless such animal under the reasonable control of the owner or unless such animal is confined in the process of being transported.

a. Any animal shall be deemed to be under reasonable control when such an animal is on the premises of its owner or custodian of such animal, premises being construed not to include the parkway and sidewalk in front of the owner’s or custodian’s premises. An animal at large shall be deemed to be not under reasonable control.

b. An animal shall be deemed not to be under reasonable control when such an animal commits damage to the person or property of anyone other than the owner or custodian, except in defense of the owner, custodian, his family or property.

Until next month, stay safe and embrace levity.

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