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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Clean Energy
Both our state and our country face harsh economic realities right now. For Nevada, one of the best long-term investments we can make is developing a clean energy industry that creates jobs and puts money back into all our pockets. Development of our vast renewable resources can reinvent Nevada’s position in the national economy.

The economic recovery plan recently passed by Congress invests in areas critical to the coming clean energy revolution, including modernizing our energy grid, research and development of new technologies, and making government buildings more energy efficient. The recovery plan includes more than $1 billion in Clean Renewable Energy Bonds for which Nevada companies can compete to finance efficiency projects. Upgrading large buildings - an investment that can also put people back to work - can result in savings of millions of dollars. In 2007, efficiency efforts in Nevada resulted in $36 million in savings.
The economic recovery package will extend the renewable energy production tax credit for another three years, fostering an environment where renewable energy companies can create jobs in our communities that need them most and ensure investment in Nevada’s solar, geothermal and wind energy resources. In addition to extending existing credits, the plan creates a new credit for companies that manufacture renewable energy equipment like solar cells or battery storage for hybrid cars. Additionally, millions will be invested in Nevada for the weatherization assistance program and the Nevada state energy office will receive close to $30 million to dramatically expand its role in making Nevada a clean energy leader.

Renewable energy is something Boulder City already understands. With one fully operational solar energy plant and another one in the works, Boulder City residents are already investing in the future. I know Nevada will lead the way in the revolution of renewable energy, creating a strong industry that can employ Nevadans. The economic recovery package, with its help to business owners, cities and efficiency improvement projects, will help us emerge from these dark days by planning to create the brighter ones ahead.
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