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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Boulder City's Future
We are living in an economic time which is creating many worries and a lot of stress. I want to share with you what the City is doing to adjust during this difficult time. As we read and watch the news it is difficult to be optimistic, but we should not be unrealistically optimistic. As a city, Boulder City needs to have a strategic plan to address our budget shortfalls.

The City Council has begun examining the budget. This year we will have to make difficult choices in programs and positions. Our largest expense is our labor, and as you compare it to other cities, our labor force is more streamlined. We have made cuts in most areas where we can, and any further cuts may affect service levels. In my opinion, we need to meet with our employees and realistically talk about the current labor agreements.

I have received questions about the Federal stimulus package. The City Manager and myself have met with our state and federal lobbyists to make sure we will take full advantage of available funds. We are looking at funds for roads, public safety, wastewater treatment, as well as other public works projects. The City Council and staff will work diligently to acquire funding for needed projects, which will lessen the impact on other rate adjustments. We are also looking into how the stimulus package may provide better financing for the 3rd intake. Nothing has been decided at this time. However, I am optimistic that we will benefit to some degree from the stimulus funds.

Our approach to the current downturn should include ways to reduce expenses. We need to look for ways to increase revenue such as the energy zone leases. It is essential that we reduce our debt through responsible land sales when the market returns. Unfortunately, we will also need to look at rate adjustments. A plan which combines these strategies will carry Boulder City forward into the future.

As we enter into another election year, listen to the messages being given by each candidate. Boulder City needs to not only look at the current issues, but to strategically plan for the future. Those who are running in this election need to communicate what they stand for and the vision that they have for Boulder City.

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