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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

We Couldn't Do It Alone
Before the City was officially a city and, before the Recreation Department was officially a recreation department, the City’s recreation activities were run by volunteers and funded by determination and local sponsors.

As do our residents today, during the early days of the City, folks recognized the benefits of recreating to build a community. In fact, Boulder City’s first ball fields were built by volunteers, one of whom was my grandfather, Tom Godbey. Many of those volunteer efforts are visible today.

At one point, a group known as the Boulder City Recreation Association Volunteer Organization (BRAVO) was formed. Did you ever wonder how Bravo Field got its name? From then until now, all recreation league oriented team sports have been coached by volunteers.

When the City was incorporated in 1959, the Recreation Department was established and funded by the City of Boulder City. But BRAVO did not fall out of the picture. They continued their efforts by running a snack shack at Bravo Field, which was established in an old wooden trailer slated for disposal. They fixed it up and although this trailer is no longer used as a snack shack, it is used as a scorekeeper’s booth at Bravo Field.

Just think over the years how much quality family and community time has been spent bonding by participating in our City’s recreation programs, selling goodies in the snack shack, and watching games. Now mind you, this includes tee ball, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football and floor hockey. Then, add to this the early days of the swim and dive programs at the pool. Taking this one step further, consider the friendships that have been formed by youths and adults alike while watching these activities and traveling to competitions. It’s really staggering to think about it.

As the saying goes, “The family that plays together, stays together” and this is why the Recreation Department’s tag line is “Where Community Begins”.

As we go through these lean years, please know that the Recreation Department is doing everything in its power to provide the excellent programming that it has for generations. To our volunteers and sponsors, we couldn’t do it alone.

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