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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

School Spirit and Participation

Did you join clubs when you where in junior high? Did you participate in the school dances in high school or go to the sporting events? Well, sadly, I believe times are changing. One of the best and inspirational teachers I have, Mr. LeRoy Chase, thinks so too.

He has been teaching for 39 years, and has been teaching at Brown JHS since it opened in the 80s, and before that at Burkholder Middle School. When he planned dances back then, he said the attendance was sometimes 200 to 300 people, and this last dance just barely broke 100 kids. But why?

I believe kids do not think it is “cool” to participate in anything anymore. I admit, I do not attend the school dances, but I do clean up after them. I go and support our basketball team even when there is low attendance because they lose, and more like help the teachers. For example, everyone in the orchestra program at my school was given the opportunity to participate in a solo and ensemble city-wide festival (competition). But, disappointingly, only my friend and I went from our school and we did a duet, and I also did a solo (for which we both got perfect scores!).

Part of it has to do with teachers and faculty. Do not get me wrong, they work very hard. But, my teacher said that this dance only had a 3 to 5 teacher/faculty chaperone ratio. Mr. Chase said when he first held the dances, the faculty would have 15 or more adult chaperones wanting to sign up. Teachers are given so little pay, yet asked to do more and more and more, to defend the teachers. Some teachers also spend almost all their time holding clubs, holding detentions, helping students get organized and giving extra tutoring, and doing A LOT more, and cannot help in these events. So, if you are a teacher, I encourage you to help with more events, because I on behalf of thousands of students in CCSD, agree that we appreciate so greatly all the hard work you do, and teachers are ever so often underappreciated.

What can we do as students? Go to more sporting events. Help teachers. Join a club. For parents, encourage your children, or get involved and show your school spirit!

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