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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

When Your Feet Are Happy...
I think last month’s column about Mexico was the best (worst?) example of bad timing I have ever experienced.

This week let’s try a subject a little less controversial. Shoes. Specifically, what are the best shoes for travel.

As a result of a tip from one of my loyal readers, I subscribe to the best little magazine: ITN (International Travel News). This low-budget, black and white newsprint, monthly publication’s primary purpose is travelers giving advice to other travelers. Sometimes they ask a question of their readers about a specific travel-related issue. A few months back they asked which walking shoes people found most comfortable. The results were in the May issue, and I thought you might like to know the outcome.

Turns out the big ‘winner,’ and top brand of choice, is SAS (San Antonio Shoemakers, A guide at Hearst Castle, obviously on her feet all day, said she prefers a lace-up pair. Another gal said she preferred the SAS Whisper oxfords. A 78-year old gentleman said that about 15 years ago he started experiencing bad foot pain that curtailed his travel options. He heard about SAS, bought a pair, and immediately went out and bought five additional pairs as insurance against the manufacturer’s going out of business. [Note to self: you are not alone.] Now that’s a satisfied customer! SAS shoes come in lace-up and slip on varieties and are moccasin-like in appearance. They are lightweight and well cushioned as well as ventilated. They aren’t cheap: $100 to $150 per pair. But aren’t your feet worth it?

Another popular brand is ECCO ($85-$140), coming in with three mentions, two of which were for the Receptor model.

Other suggestions include Comfort-Lites Casual Walkers by Haband, ( ($39.99), Ricker Anti-Stress Walking Shoes ( & (about $95), and “anything from Easy Spirit.” And then there are sandals… but I’ll save that for another column.

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