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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Little League Baseball: Second Edition

I have already written about Little League, but this is a newer perspective, after playing more, and seeing more of how things are run. I Love baseball. It is a release, no one is grading me and I don’t need to worry about being perfect.

Little League is an international favorite. I love all the fun and excitement, as well as the teaching. It helps combine teamwork and collaboration with a great time. It is an American Classic!

Little League has been around since 1939, and originated in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It was started by a man named Carl Stotz. It started with only 3 teams, but now there are thousands upon thousands. It has grown great, with millions of players, coaches, and volunteers. It is just incredible how great it is.

I am twelve going on thirteen, and this is only my second season in Little League, and I really am not very good. I am playing with kids that have been around baseball for all their life, and have been playing the game for six and seven years. Eight of the twelve kids on my team play for a club team, and play year ‘round. I get very little playing time, but I love it. I am playing a game of “catch-up” as my coach puts it. In fact, it took me 16 games to get my first hit of the season. I cannot believe how amazing my team is this year, not only skill but how great my teammates are towards me not playing well, and they are so nice.

We have played Boulder City, so I am sure you may recognize the name if you are a parent of a Little Leaguer: I play for the great Henderson LL Major Angels. At the time I am writing my article, we have a record of 13 wins - 3 losses and are in first in the division. We are hoping to clinch soon and go to TOC (play-offs)!

As you can see, I have a love and great respect for Little League Baseball. I hope to play for two more seasons and hopefully play high school ball. I give kudos to all the wonderful team moms, my team’s Debbie Berg & Mrs. Nelson, and parents, board members, and coaches, like my own, Ryan Nelson, Richard Nelson, and Scott Berg.

Thank you for all you do. Go HLL Major Angels!

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