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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Do You HULU?

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If you are like me, you have trouble sitting through a TV show because a 1 hour show has about 30 minutes of show and about 30 minutes of commercials. The last time I watched a TV show I almost forgot what I was watching.

Try You will find movies and TV shows that you can watch any time you want. There are about 3-4, 30 second advertisements per show and for some TV shows you can watch one long advertisement at the beginning with no advertisements after that. is free. Just log-in and start watching.

You can subscribe to a TV series and the episodes will show up in your account. If I miss the new Simpsons on Sunday night I can watch it on Monday with about 80 percent less advertisement.

There are all kinds of shows you can sign up for, like Bones, Saturday Night Live and House, with more being added every day. You can pick from channels like Action and Adventure, Animation and Cartoons, Comedy, Drama, Family, Food, Leisure, Home, Garden, Horror, Suspense, Music, News, Science Fiction, Sports, Talk and Video Games. carries over 300 feature films like, Illuminating Angels & Demons, The Big Hit, Super Size Me, National Lampoon’s Spring Break, The Jewel of the Nile, Virus, Fatal Attraction, and lots of National Geographic specials. You will also find lots of movie clips and movie previews.

The good part is when you watch a show on it is in full screen and you can pause and even quit, and when you go back to your show will start where you left off.

Be careful; this can get addictive and you will find yourself watching a whole TV series in one day. Connect your computer to your TV and view it on the big screen.

Digital Picture Frames

Now that you have 1,000s of digital photos, you can print them or you can copy your favorite photos onto a Digital Picture Frame. These frames come in different sizes and styles. Prices start from $39.99 for a 5.6", all the way up to 17" frames for $369.99.

Some of these frames can hold up to 2,500 photos and you can set it up to view the photos in a slide show. The digital frames can be set on a table or put up on a wall. They make a nice gift for someone that has everything.

The digital frames only last about 3 hours on the batteries, so remember if you hang it up on a wall you will need power nearby. Save your picture like music, with different photos for different moods.

Most of the frames come with software that you put on your computer to program your frame, and some come with the software already loaded into the frame. There are cheap key chain photo frames also. But remember, you always want to keep a copy of your photos backed up.

Back Up Now!

Look at your computer. Now picture it not booting up or a hard drive failure. It happens all the time.

If it is important to you, take the time each week to back up your data. You can make a copy of your files on DVD or get an external hard drive to store all your backup files. Mark your DVDs with a permanent marker.

I like to put on the DVD the subject and the date the photos were taken. That way you can look at your DVDs and find Christmas 2008 real easy. If you marked it just Christmas, you would have to install and view all of your Christmas DVDs to find the correct one!

Don’t forget to back up your address books, bookmarks, word, excel, taxes, photos, and e-mails. 10 minutes now will save you hours and days later.

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