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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Magazine Collection
Magazines and newspapers! I love ‘em. In addition to newspapers and all the catalogs we get in the mail, my family used to get 4-6 magazines a week. However, I rarely read a magazine more than once. Then it would sit in the rack, waiting for me to toss it into the recycle bin with all the newspapers and catalogs. Please note that my family USED to get 4-6 magazines a week. Counting only magazines, that is 16-24 a month, or 192-288 a year.

That’s a lot of paper, or a lot of trees, depending on how you think about it. Either way, it really doesn’t seem like a very Green way of thinking. It’s also a sizable chunk of change from the family budget. An average monthly subscription runs about $20 a year. Weekly magazine subscriptions can be much higher. So, we decided to cut back on magazine subscriptions to both save on paper consumption and stretch the family budget. Now we receive just 4 of our favorite magazines.

However, we still get to enjoy the rest of the magazines we were reading on a regular basis. Instead of pulling them from our mailbox, we borrow them from the library. The Boulder City Library District subscribes to over 250 magazines and newspapers every year. True, you may not borrow the most current volume of a magazine to take home, but you can read it at the library and enjoy our air conditioning. You can also check out past issues to take home. How often do magazines just sit around the house until you have the chance to read them? By borrowing magazines from the library, you can have them in the house when you have time to read them, then return them to the library, eliminating some clutter. The library has a wide selection to choose from including titles that cover a lot of crafts and hobbies, current issues, history, food, business and finance, travel, sports, entertainment, consumer education, science and a lot more! We also have magazines just for younger children and teenagers.

Stop by the Library and take a look at the magazine collection. You may find a way to stretch your budget and save a few trees as well.

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