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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Community Pride
Independence Day is a time of strong traditions and deep patriotism in Boulder City. This year’s Damboree theme was “Proud To Be An American”. I would like to thank the Damboree Committee’s volunteers for doing a terrific job with our Fourth of July Damboree celebrations.

This year’s theme brings to mind feelings of patriotism and love of our country. I hope we all recognize the blessings of living in a land with such a rich heritage and so many opportunities and freedoms that make us, indeed, proud to be Americans. Boulder City came to life once again during the celebrations and I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities.

I am also proud to live in Boulder City. Our town is unique in Nevada in many ways. We enjoy a historic legacy that comes from the building of Hoover Dam. Boulder City enjoys a small town lifestyle that has something to offer everyone that lives here, whether you are retired, young or raising a family. We enjoy many recreational opportunities. Our City is well cared for and our utility rates and property taxes are very favorable. As I look at the City today, it is obvious that many people before me that have served on City Councils have made many wise decisions. We all know that mistake have been made as well. It is our political nature to focus on the mistakes in today’s world. Focusing only on past mistakes brings division. We should learn from our mistakes, then we should work toward solutions.

Boulder City faces some difficult challenges today. The current City Council needs to work together, with staff, to make sure the decisions we make today will continue to protect our future. Recently we have made decisions that I believe will positively impact our community. Like our commitment to solar energy generation. Energy is becoming a very important topic. Boulder City is leading the way in solar projects. Another decision we have made is to commit some of our RDA money to help with capital improvement projects. This will help re-establish accounts to be set aside for future projects as well as help lessen future rate increases. We have also accepted recommendations from the Finance Committee which moves us in a financial direction of accountability and transparency.

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