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Book Watch
by Fran Haraway
Boulder City Library

Tamar Myers's Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries
The Last Days of Summer - a tale of the growing friendship between Joey Margolis, a Brooklyn kid who epitomizes the word brash, and Charlie Banks, a New York Giants rookie whose chutzpa equals that of Joey - is a book for those who love baseball. It’s also a book for those who dislike baseball and for those who have no opinion about the sport whatsoever.

Magdalena Yoder, the creation of mystery writer Tamar Myers, is the most important person in Hernia, Pennsylvania, and the proprietor of a bed-and-breakfast called the PennDutch Inn. She is also the town’s richest woman and a mover and shaker (actually, she’s a Mennonite) on the town council. She has recently wed Dr. Gabriel Rosen, (aka Gabe the Babe) and she solves murder mysteries in her spare time.

Magdalena is related to most of the people in Hernia. (“Give me half a sandwich and I AM a family picnic.”) Her ongoing problem, however, is her sister, Susannah, the wife of Chief of Police, Melvin Stoltzfus. Susannah is madly in love, but Melvin generally proves to be a hindrance to his sister-in-law’s sleuthing. Magdalena describes him as looking like a praying mantis and fears that if Susannah has children, they might be “someday in the rose garden eating aphids.”

The PennDutch Inn, the town’s highest revenue source, caters to the rich and famous, many of whom opt for the Amish Lifestyle Plan Option. For an extra fifty dollars a day, they get to clean their own rooms, thereby experiencing the true Mennonite/Amish way of life. Another twenty-five dollars allows them to help in the kitchen. No wonder Magdalena Yoder is the richest woman in Hernia.

Magdalena has solved a variety of mysteries in such novels as, Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth, Between a Wok and a Hard Place, The Crepes of Wrath, Play It Again Spam and the latest, As the World Churns. It’s best to read them in order to understand the ongoing romance of Magdalena and Gabe as well as the problems of Susannah and Melvin. Each novel also contains recipes of Amish dishes served at the PennDutch Inn.

The Magdalena Yoder books are referred to as “cozy mysteries.” Cozies take place in small towns and feature amateur crime solvers. Usually, there is no graphic violence. Cozies are becoming increasingly popular and Magdalina Yoder and company just may be one of the reasons why.

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