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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

Read Labels
When we start to read labels, it is shocking to realize that lots of chemicals and preservatives are added to our food to prolong shelf life (not to prolong our lives), to add flavor, and to add color. (Have you seen “fresh” Atlantic salmon that is color enhanced?) If chemicals are added to enhance flavor, I just have to wonder what that particular food would taste like without the flavor enhancer.

When we eat a lot of processed and fast foods, we become accustomed to strong tastes (really salty and really sweet), we desensitize our taste buds and we lose the taste for natural foods. If we start introducing healthy, fresh foods, we can regain our ability to taste and enjoy subtle flavors and let go of fake flavors.

Read labels on lotions and face creams, and decide if the ingredients are something you want to be absorbed into your body via your skin. If you think this doesn’t happen, just think nitroglycerine patch or nicotine patch – absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin. There are many good quality natural lotions, creams, and oils. Please check your deodorant / antiperspirant labels too. Many are filled with chemicals and aluminum. Good natural deodorants are available at health food and natural food stores. My personal view is that its ok to use a natural deodorant, but please don’t use antiperspirants. (I know many will disagree in this desert climate, but hear me out.) I think the body is supposed to sweat. It’s a powerful way of regulating body temperature and ridding the body of toxins. There are many lymph nodes in the armpit area; its no surprise that we sweat a lot here. The lymph system is a powerful detoxification system and lymph nodes are the battlefields for infection. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to inhibit this natural detoxification process.

The body continually adapts and filters chemicals and toxins, but it can only do so much to keep us well. If we overload the system with chemicals and preservatives that the body cannot recognize as nutrients, we become vulnerable to illness. We can help our bodies stay healthy by reducing or eliminating the chemicals and preservatives in our food and skin care products and choosing more natural products.

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