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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Lowering Gas Prices and Achieving Energy Security
Nevadans are facing the highest gas prices in our state’s history. It couldn’t be more clear. The residents of Boulder City and people across the country need better energy policies that will save consumers money, make our economy stronger, and enhance national security. 

Gasoline and diesel prices have more than doubled over the last six years, while major oil company profits are on track to exceed $100 billion in 2007 yet again.  This incredible sum, plus the $250 billion or more that American consumers send overseas every year to pay for petroleum, would be much better spent developing domestically-produced clean renewable fuels.  The nation needs a major bipartisan push to reduce our oil consumption through a more efficient transportation sector and renewable fuels.  

We must commercialize advanced energy technologies like super-efficient solar cells and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles so we can “fill up” our cars and power our economy with clean renewable electricity generated from Nevada’s tremendous solar, geothermal, and wind renewable resources.  Having access to these resources would position Nevada as a leader in America's renewable energy efforts. 

No one knows the value of renewable energy better than the people of Boulder City.  You have the most recognizable symbol of hydroelectricity in the U.S.: the Hoover Dam. This crucial tool has created countless jobs and is responsible for generating power and providing water to millions.
Today, advances in batteries have brought us to the point of a transportation revolution. With the right government support, we can soon begin fueling our cars with Nevada’s clean and inexhaustible supply of renewable electricity.  Bringing plug-in electric hybrids or pure electric cars to Nevada will effectively cut pump prices in half and create jobs in every corner of our state.

Now is the time to move away from the energy policies of the past so we can meet the national security and global warming challenges of today and tomorrow.  As Majority Leader, I plan to lead the Senate toward consideration of energy legislation to develop these new technologies and bring savings and energy security to the people of Nevada.   

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